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Speed Consulting

2:45 PM - 4:00 PM: Session 3

The premise is simple.  We have 14 experts in a wide range of fields to answer any questions you have.  Some of these folks would charge $300 an hour.  You’ll get to bend their ear for free. Over the hour and a half (1:45 to 3:15pm), you can sign up for three 15-minute sessions.  There is no agenda other than the questions you bring to the table.  They are there to help you!

Here are our experts:

Accounting - Kate Barr - Nonprofit Assistance Fund                           

Advocacy - Irene Quarshie - Target                          

Board Development - Diane Herman - Cincinnatus                             

Career - Lars Leafblad - Ballinger/Leafblad                           

Change Management & Strategy - Kristin Pardue - Reve Consulting.com                   

Fundraising - Stephen Devereux - Devereux Development Consulting                         

HR - Paul DeBettignies - MNHeadhunter.com                      

Law - Hetal Dalal - PopularDemocracy.org                           

Life/Work Balance - Amanda Dustan                       

Marketing - Kolina Cicero - Cicero Media                              

Operations - Dara Rudick - Management HQ                        

Startups - Deepinder Singh - 75f                

Tell Your Story Better - Neil Chudgar                       

Web Development - Toby Cryns - Themightymo.com  

You’re already signed up to attend, but how do you sign up for a specific session?  Two ways.  You can sign up ahead of time online by going to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a48a9a622a0fa7-speed.  (You don’t need to establish an account).  You can also sign up on the day of the event the during the lunch hour or just before the session.  We’ll be in the 5th floor café towards the back.  Drop by 10-15 minutes early (around 1:30pm) so you get your pick of sessions. 

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