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Improvisation, Solidarity & Risk: Leadership Lessons from Jazz & Hip-Hop

10:30 AM - 11:45 AM: Session 1

"A leader will pick the tune, set the tempo, start the music, and define a ‘style’. After that, it’s up to the band to be disciplined and free, wild and restrained, leaders and followers, focused and wide ranging, playing the music for the audience and accountable to the requirements of the band.” – Max De Pree, Leadership Jazz

Hear performances from jazz and hip-hop artists and consider how music can inform your leadership style. What can we learn from jazz and hip-hop about leadership, risk and improvisation? How do our workplaces “practice” before we perform? How is improvisation supported in our workplaces? When do we work as an ensemble, and when do we go solo?

Come prepared to discuss a musician, song or album that you love: What inspires you about it?

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