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Ted Stephens III

Ted Stephens III (people call him T3) is a co-founder of The Numad Group. Ted grew up in Iowa and planned to live the rest of his life there until a break-up had him driving 16 hours to the Pine Ridge Reservation to retreat. Within a week, he found himself passionate about the work of Red Cloud Indian School and agreeing to help anyway possible – leading to a collaboration with Matt Ehlman and Kerry Brock that changed his life. He’s an artist, writer, designer, entrepreneur, actor, theater-lover, traveler, Mini Cooper-owner, Instagrammer, head chef at home, former NYCer, and current Bostonian. His work has been seen on gigantic marquees in Times Square, The Today Show, and in The New York Times. He’s humbled—and grateful—for the wild ride he’s been on thanks to the generosity of others.