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Cris Linnares

Out-Loud Advocate for Women's Empowerment

International author and renowned Brazilian psychotherapist, Cris Linnares is one of the most passionate advocates for women’s empowerment. Creator of the acclaimed wellness program Diva Dance®, her pioneering work and Iife story has been featured in Shape, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, on FOX and ABC, and shared at two TEDxTalks. After getting married and moving from Brazil to Fargo, Cris ended up facing major culture shock, depression and the hardships that come from the lack of connections. After discovering ways to heal and reinvent herself, she founded Women’s Impact to create opportunities for women to connect and empower each other. Since 2011, Women's Impact has offered a supportive online community, magazine and monthly events where women, from many walks of life, can experience the power of connection.

Twitter: @crislinnares